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February 9, 2021

Embracing Digital Marketing Without Breaking the Bank

We know–you’ve heard it all before. You’ve spent thousands of dollars on an out-of-the-box digital marketing solution that did nothing other than waste your time and money. 

Marketers are quick to blindly throw money at a problem in hopes it will go away. The reality is, that simply doesn’t work. 

In the same breath, turning a blind eye to digital marketing is only hurting you and your bottom line.

Low risk, high reward

But, what if you could get up and running with a tailored digital marketing solution in as little as 30 days? What if it only required a small investment on your end and was backed by data-driven results on our end? 

Invest in omnichannel marketing to meet consumers where they are

In today’s climate, it’s crucial that you are meeting your customers where they want to be met. For example, if a customer engages with your company online, doesn’t it make sense to get back to them online, too?

A whopping 73% of consumers are likely to switch brands if they are met with inconsistent experiences throughout various channels. That means you are losing customers if you don’t have a strategic plan to engage with a vastly-growing digital audience. 

By letting them choose how and where they want to engage with you, you establish trust, loyalty and an opportunity to build long-lasting relationships.

What’s the cost of missed opportunities?

Imagine a potential customer walks in to your branch. This customer, for whatever reason, leaves before you have the opportunity to engage with them or gather their information. This would be considered a missed opportunity, right?  

Well, the same can be said for visitors who come to your website without leaving a footprint. 

Many financial institutions are losing opportunities to engage with high-potential leads as a result of conversion drop-offs. However, many are unaware of how to optimize a digital marketing strategy that allows them to capture customers who are already on their website.

Capitalize on your website leads to capture new customers

Looking for a quick fix?

  • Add inquiry or sign-up forms to capture contact information
  • Integrate these forms with a CRM to load and track user data (i.e., name, email address) in a centralized location

Ready to take it a step further?

  • Humanize the experience. Add a personalized subscription form that is designed to tailor your audience into segmented lists
  • Create targeted and personalized email marketing campaigns 
  • A HubSpot survey found that marketers who use segmented campaigns saw as much as a 760% increase in revenue

The Core of Effective Web Analytics

We created Xajeet to help our clients gain visibility into their customer journey, manage site traffic and make data-driven business decisions. Our software shows you exactly how users are interacting with your website to help increase conversion rates. 

In fact, by capturing this data, we have helped clients improve their user experience by nearly 20%. 

The importance of user experience 

Technological advancements have significantly increased customer expectations. In fact, 57% of today’s consumers have stopped doing business with a company because a competitor offered a better experience. 

On top of that, nearly 80% of users who don’t like what they find on a website will search for another one. Understanding how users are interacting with your website and implementing UX enhancements is crucial to your success.

Summarized: How do you get started with digital marketing to meet consumer demands?

You can start by enhancing your user experience and implementing a centralized digital marketing strategy with omnichannel messaging. But preparing for this requires a strong foundation, including web analytics tools, that help you understand how customers are interacting with your site. 

Interested in seeing how it works?

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