Solutions + Service

Working with Razorvision means that you can get more out of your site and move to market faster.


  • Fintech & Software Development Consulting
  • Strategic & Technical Design
  • Project & Process Management
  • Security & Systems Analysis


  • IT Project & Full Stack Support
  • Custom Business Software
  • Custom & Systems Integration


  • IT Maintenance & Production support
  • Software evolution & support
  • Database management & Business Intelligence

Providing Digital Solutions

From custom platforms and automation to building strong capabilities that address operational stability, Razorvision has a team that can solve your digital problem. We provide targeted strategy to create solutions that set your business apart and drive your bottom line forward.

In addition to fully-managed services, our proprietary comprehensive analytics tool, Xajeet, is utilized with all our client projects as part of a service package.

About Xajeet

As a consulting team committed to customer satisfaction, we’ve found that there are a number of tools and options for back office services but not much available for front end support. We had many requests for “custom” software or customers attempting to tape together solutions that weren’t efficient or only fixed part of their problem.

Xajeet is a powerful analytics tool developed to show a granular level of depth into a customer’s journey on your site as a response to this industry gap.