In part two of our five-part SBA Solutions Series, we dive into the key obstacles to successful PPP lending and explain how to overcome them.

Obstacle No. 2: Lacking a seamless process to efficiently distribute updated information

After a chaotic rollout of PPP last spring, coupled with constantly shifting regulations, confusion around the program may seem daunting. Your loan officers are drowning from manually delivering updated information to a flood of requests. You’re losing track of who to get back to and who to follow up on. With rapidly changing information surrounding PPP lending, your consumers are looking to you for answers. You may not have all of them right now, but if you aren’t offering reassurance in your ability to service your customers, they’ll find another lender who will. 

What you can do

Utilize a landing page to capture, log and monitor inbound customers. Provide a central location with useful information and the ability to sign up for updates. Once you have these customers in your database, you can create an email marketing strategy that is unique to your brand and provides information as it becomes available. Not only does this build customer trust and loyalty, this seamless approach also saves you time, money and resources.

Why Razorvision?

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